About US: January 8, 2018

DarelsDeals.com was registered July 14, 2017, and the site will be completed April 2018. Darel’s Deals sole purpose is to present outstanding deals across our chosen categories.  Our deals are supported by born shoppers who enjoy perusing the vast web for new deals.  Our opportunities will increase with our affiliate partners allowing us to bring you more opportunities for your consideration.

Darel’s Deals, is founded by Darel L. Long, from Blacksburg, Va.

We give thanks to all visitors who visit our site and encourage you to sign up with our primary email alert and check our frequent deals to be discovered.

The original concept for Darel’s Deals was inspired by a simple gesture to help a local civics league members lower their Interest rates with numerous credit cards they held.  As a former banker, I recalled the value of connecting with any companies “office of the president”, and shared with a civic group how it was possible to connect with their credit card’s company office of the president as opposed to contacting their credit card’s customer service department and getting the runaround to obtain a more favorable rate, and often for a much longer term.  With the successful advice with one civic league, shortly after, I was invited to additional civic league’s teaching the same methods. Later I discovered nearly 40 individuals were able to obtain a far greater rate than previously received!   Soon after, someone asked if I knew of a better way to obtain a larger discount for electronics for a special purchase and a similar approach yielded a direct corporate purchase referral to a local dealer, also yielding a huge discount.  Between the civic leagues and others who sought my help to find better prices for all kinds of products and services, I realized at that point I had stumbled upon a possible business venture by helping others find products and services for a discounted price.

In 2013, to test the value of finding large discounts for others, I asked some others to provide products and/or services and I would see if I could find a far better price.  I used the same approach to locate deep discounts for everything from haircuts from a chain salon that didn’t provide the deep discount in their normal ad campaigns.  From my retail experience, I found another person offering 55% off a lightly used garden tractor; from another person, I located heavily discounted professional tools, and the examples go on and on!

The adage it takes money to make money is often true, and I recall only once has this proved to be incorrect.  While the concept began years ago, in late 2014, after successfully moving forward a real estate concept from the West Indies, I began to research and plan the development for what now is DarelsDeals.com.

Soon after, the research and planning was completed and the success from the West Indies placed me in a position for consideration to launch of the site.  While major difficulties arose from a six year custody case, and major medical issues created life changing events, a single occurrence created by another person would prove the most challenging year for me. The plans to launch were postponed again.

I subscribe to the notion to never give up and I have embraced this theme to endure, overcome, and bring forward DarelsDeals.com and other ventures.

DarelsDeals.com, is privately owned. Darel’s Deals L.LC. established Oct 12, 2017.

In July 2017, both the L.L.C., and development limited costs, were provided by a trusted source.

Darel’s Deals shopping experience provides discount links provided by our partners.  We don’t provide a public shopping cart to purchase any product and therefore, it’s our sole purpose to bring to your attention the available discounts and deals.  Your product purchase is fully serviced, shipped to you directly from the discount partner, and all service and fulfillment questions must be addressed with your purchase source.

As you will notice, our deals cover topics ranging from products to services. Once your order if fulfilled by the vendor, we receive a percentage of purchase also known as affiliate marketing.

Our only online shopping cart is used solely to provide advertising to our advertising partners only. While we provide no purchase opportunities to fulfill your order, we do offer various advertising models. Our income is derived from our partner’s fulfillment, also known as affiliate marketing and advertising.  We accept no money from individuals seeking to purchase a deal, and only accept affiliate payment from our direct partners.

If by chance you run into a problem with the fulfillment of your order or have questions regarding your purchase, and you have tried to resolve the issue directly with the provider, please email us and let us know and we will do our best to help bring resolution.

We want your experience to be positive.  If you can help our venture grow, please share our links with coworkers, friends and family.

Food: The internet is filled with endless deals and we do our best to present trusted partners to make your experience the best possible.  For any food related deals, we will always decline opportunities which don’t adhere to Non-GMO and Organic food for human consumption. The same extends to our dogs, cats and other pets.

Family Friendly:  We only choose partners who are family friendly to ensure any offer from DarelsDeals.com honors your family and friends.

Darel’s Deals L.L.C. is founded by Darel L. Long, and one of my passions is to provide an outstanding resource for discounted items across many needs.  We are poised to provide decades of service.

As the site is completed, our efforts to help you find great buys we will also emerge temporarily to provide funds to settle public and private debt as a result from a six year and three month custody case. This will be, in part, paid directly through Long Settlement. This will also provide private funding for another venture known as: Long Aeronautics  March 26, 2018, DarelsDeals.com will also provide funding for Long Local Caredonation SPIRIT, and additional nonprofits to help those in need.

You’re welcome to visit my personal website: Darel Long

Please do provide feedback via our contact form, and provide suggestions or other comments. We greatly appreciate your time and comments.

My best,

Darel Lynwood Long